Our People

The Nexus Mining team combines the skills of operational experts, electrical, mechanical, and project management expertise to maintain our projects to optimum efficiency. We currently engage a core group of 450+ team members and provide an extensive range of services and skills, specialising in many facets of mining which includes ventilation, development driveage, supplementary labour, roof excavation specialists, secondary support, equipment hire and fall recovery.


Nexus Mining’s expectation, is for all employees to recognise that our commitment to safety and that of our clients, requires each individual to work ethically, responsibly, and together to achieve a genuine partnership which will have a positive outcome for all involved.


We offer competitive and attractive salaries that are comparable within the industry. We ensure all current and new employees are adequately trained to carry out their duties from the first day they start employment to ongoing development.


We foster employee loyalty through the implementation of succession planning by conducting regular performance conversations to identify employee strengths and areas where they need improvement.


We communicate transparently with employees about key issues.


We are flexible with recognition of family responsibilities that may impact on the working environment

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